Setting up a small business…5 practical things I’ve learnt so far….

Setting up a small business…5 practical things I’ve learnt so far….

Setting up a small business. If I’m totally honest I don’t think I really appreciated what being a Mumpreneur and setting up a small business actually meant.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew setting up my own business would be hard but rewarding. But I don’t think I appreciated HOW hard it would be. I’m from a corporate background so setting up my own business has and continues to be a steep learning curve.

Like many women who set up their own businesses I have 2 young children. Time is precious and there’s never enough of it. So, as I sit here in an Ikea cafe eating my £1 brekkie I’ve been reflecting on the past 4 months. What are the top 5 practical things I’ve learnt so far that have helped me as small business owner?

1. Realise that you are running a small business.

I trained as a baby and toddler yoga instructor as I am passionate about teaching little ones how to slow down.  The techniques that they and their parents/carers can use to help relax them through yoga and yoga breathing. It took me a good few months to cotton on to the fact that I was a small business owner! I needed to think in a business way to ensure that my business would grow. Which brings me onto my next point!

2. Put yourself out there and network with other mumpreneurs and small businesses.

For example attending networking groups. I’ve found that there are so many of these out there for women/mums who have small businesses. Many events even allow you to bring your kids along. Or, if you don’t feel you are ready to meet in person then link into the discussion groups on social media. I’ve found in Edinburgh ‘The Simplicity Concept’ and BusinessISMums to be amazing.

They offer free meetups, training and advice from other mumpreneurs. Most importantly of all for me, they provide the opportunity to chat and link up with mums/women in similar situations to me with similar issues.

From the networking that I’ve been a part of these past few months I’ve

1. Started working with a fabulous business in a part time capacity.

2. Re-connected with a few ex- colleagues one of whom runs a wonderful cafe in Morningside where I’m going to start running some baby yoga classes.

3. Met fellow #mumpreneurs in Edinburgh who I’m collaborating with.

These groups have opened up a whole new support network to me. One that I didn’t previously have but one that I really value and appreciate.

3. Time block!

As a mum to a 6 year old and a 16 month old there are never enough hours in the day.

My little girl is in nursery or with my mother in law when I’m out working/running classes. When I’m not,  she’s with me. So, the only time I have during the day to work is when she naps. Easy? Well she ain’t a great daytime sleeper!

I’ve found that time blocking really helps. I can focus on the big things I need to get done in my business when I’ve a large block of time. When I don’t have much time I know what I can do if I get 5-10 mins.

I use a planner: Law of Attraction planner which I lovce. It has space for me to write down what ‘big’ things I need to achieve that week.

Time blocking works for me so I’m going with it!

4. Reflect.

It has allowed me to appreciate the successes that I’ve had week by week or month by month and when those inevitable doubts creep in I can then remind myself of how far I’ve come.

5. Breathe deeply in times of crisis!

I call them the kitchen sink breaths mainly because I always seem to be at the kitchen sink when I do them! I’m a great believer in the power of deep breathing to help clear your head and restore a bit of calm. So when I am frazzled 5 deep cleansing breaths definitely help bring me a little calm.

I always like to have a little mantra in my head when I’m breathing in and out so I’ll be continuing to ‘exhale doubt and inhale confidence’.

I’m only 4 months in so far and am very aware that I’ve got so much to learn. But with focus, determination and a fab network of other ladies as support I’m excited to see what the next 4 months bring for me and my business Mitchy Titch Yoga Fun and Fitness Edinburgh


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