Guest Blog: If I had a Pound for everyone who told me choking scared them

Guest Blog: If I had a Pound for everyone who told me choking scared them

If I had a Pound for everyone who told me choking scared them...

then I’d be a wealthy lady.

Guest Blog by Trisha from Precious People Training.

I’ve been working within healthcare settings for most of my career. I’ve been teaching First Aid and health and safety training to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, dentists and whoever requires my training for over 10 years.

I love my job, I’m passionate about what I teach, but it recently dawned on me that I provide what the corporate world describes as ‘mandatory training’.

My job is to provide a tick in a box.


authoritatively ordered; obligatory; compulsory

pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing a command’

Do any of these people want to be here?

Do they believe they even need to be?

Whilst I am clear that the training is essential, I can’t help think that many people don’t feel they have the time in their busy working lives to view this mandatory training as essential, like I do.


What do we fear as parents?

I am a proud Mummy to four children and last year became a (young) Grandparent, reminding me again of the fears and pressures facing new parents and grandparents.

As a new parent, does anything ever prepare you for that feeling of being completely in charge of the safe development of a little human being? Babies grow so quickly and we just get on with it.  We learn on the job and then just when we feel like we have it, we know exactly what to do…..well that is at the exact point when the rules change! Weaning, rolling over, crawling, standing, falling over, opening cupboards and drawers, walking!!

We all know the order it happens in and at every stage we burst with pride.

A question I often get asked in my training sessions involves weaning. Do we give our children grapes? Should we cut them in half, or is it quarters? How small is small enough?? Could it now be too small???


A simple truth

Babies and small children are more at risk from choking than us grown-ups. They examine the world around them by putting things into their mouths – toys, food, coins – anything within their reach.

I recently spoke with a healthcare professional who advised me that nappy sacks are an increasing cause of injury and death in children under 4 years. I came home and immediately moved them from the drawer in my grandson’s bedroom. During the many years I have been teaching First Aid and whilst also speaking to other parents one thing has become very clear…

Choking scares us all!!

None of us want to face a choking child or adult.

If I had a Pound for everyone who told me choking scared them, asked how many backslaps should be used on a child, and is it the same for babies, then I would be a wealthy lady. I’d also be lying if I said it wouldn’t scare me if it was someone I loved standing before me choking.


Baby and child first aid training

I am passionate about what I do and my aim through Precious People Training is to arm parents and carers with the skills and knowledge to give them the confidence to make a difference and hopefully save a life.

Sometimes things do go wrong and feeling helpless should never be an option.

If you’d like to find out more I run 2 hour Introduction to emergency baby and child First Aid workshops.
For more information about dates and venues visit us:


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