Relaxation for you and for your little people. How do you all relax?

Relaxation for you and for your little people. How do you all relax?

A bit of relaxation and balance is definitely needed.


I haven’t done a wee blog post for a while – life has been so busy!

We’re half way through the school holidays and during the last week of term it really struck me how much we all need a bit of relaxation.


My 6 year old whirlwind was on his last legs during that last week. When his friends came to call for him he didn’t want to go out and play. This is completely unheard of in our house! Instead he favoured getting into his onesie, with his current favourite toys playing on the sofa with Peppa Pig on the TV in the background (his sisters choice).



One of the things I’m passionate about is making sure my kids relax and know how to relax when they need to. My 6 year olds current fave form of relaxation is some form of lying on the sofa zoning out infront of the TV or doing mazes from his new maze book.

I’m happy that he knows what works for him. I don’t want my kids to ever get into the situation I did where I really needed to stop but didn’t/couldn’t relax.


How do you relax?

I know that people relax in different ways.

Whether that’s having a bath, gardening, reading a book, doing some form or exercise or just sitting with the radio on.

For me I find cooking to be relaxing.

I think this stems from my Dad and watching him come home from a long day at work to cook a meal. He cooked for relaxation and made food that you wanted to eat and enjoy slowly.

I also find pottering about the house really calming and relaxing. Don’t laugh but moving the furniture around in our living room is something I seem to do on a monthly basis! My husband and my little boy roll their eyes when they come home to find things have moved. But, I find creating a welcoming and homely space for us to relax as a family a relaxing thing to do.

Relaxing for me doesn’t always have to be about doing something it can be about sitting quietly in your living room enjoying your home, taking it all in, taking a few deep breaths and just being aware of your surroundings.

I’m still a work in progress when it comes to sitting still. After years of running round, you become conditioned to that way of life in everything, but I’m learning. Taking a few big deep breaths in and slowing down is now becoming more and more natural to me.


Helping little people relax!

One of the things I try and do in my yoga classes is get the little ones to practise deep breathing. I’m a great believer in the power of deep breathing – it helped me so much during labour (!).

We use different props and imagery to encourage the little ones to do some yoga breathing: imagine you are blowing on hot food, using feathers to blow them away, encouraging big breaths using bubbles. All are ways that you can encourage your little ones to slow down or calm down if they are getting wound up. Often by focusing on the breathing and doing some yoga breathing naturally brings the body into a state of calm.

I can’t promise that this approach will calm down a toddler mid tantrum but it’s provides a fun way of trying to get your little ones to practise some yoga breathing.

We all need to relax even our kids. Especially our kids. It’s a good life skill to have, knowing how to and being able to relax.

Being still, taking it all in, being mindful, stopping and taking a breath.

Here’s to a bit of relaxation and a few deep breaths in.



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