My Month: June 2018. This month I’m…

My Month: June 2018. This month I’m…

Welcome to my new series of posts: My Month.

I’ve seen this in a few magazines and on a few blogs that I read so I thought I’d give this a go myself. I’ll be writing down my own little monthly list of things I’ll be doing or I’d like to be doing in the hope that it will either encourage or remind me to do them or give me the opportunity to think about and reflect on what I’d like to do for the month ahead. It may give you a bit of inspo for your month ahead as well…..


My month June 2018. This month I’m

Wondering how on each it is June already!

How is it June already? I don’t know whether it’s the fact that this is the first year that our oldest has been at school so everything is centered around academic terms which seem to go very quick. Or,  the fact that my job consists of various different ‘jobs’ meaning that the first half of 2018 has for me flashed by in the blink of an eye.


Dreaming of our summer holiday.

We or should I say my hubby, booked our summer holiday about 5 months ago. We’re off to Tenerife to a family orientated resort with all inclusive everything (including ice cream and slush puppies). It isn’t necessarily or preferred type of holiday but having done an all inclusive before it certainly makes for a relatively stress free holiday when you are there. Having not been abroad for 2 years I am looking forward to a bit of sun, swimming pool (I’m one of those mums who hates sand) and cocktails even if it is with the kids entertainment on in the background.


Mildly panicking…

about taking a 20 month old toddler who won’t even sit down in a high chair on a 4.5 hour flight.

We skipped the taking a toddler abroad stage with our oldest and holidayed in the UK. He went on his first abroad holiday when he was 5 months old (and happily slept most of the 2 hour flight) and then again from when he was 3 years old (the age where negotiation/bribery was possible).

This time we’ve decided on a 4.5 hour flight with a headstrong, stubborn toddler who screams when she doesn’t get what she wants.

So far I’ve got a fab maze book for the 6 year old, his kindle (obviously), colouring books, pens and paper. For the toddler I’m thinking sticker books (Peppa Pig), colouring books and well I need to get my thinking cap on…


I’ve got my reading sorted. I think I may be a bit optimistic but heyho, we will see….

I’ve heard such good things about The Cows by Dawn O’Porter I can not wait to read it!

Big Magic is a book I started reading a while a go as I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing and need to get back into and the Million Dollar Blog is a fab book to dip in and out of.




Contemplating signing up for a 10K.

Running a marathon is one of my ambitions.

I used to run quite a lot and it was something that I took up again a few years after our oldest was born. I kind of got out of the habit of running but it’s something that I’m getting more and more keen to do. One from a wellbeing perspective and two from a doing something for me perspective!

I’ve been toying with the idea of running a 10K and mentioned it to a friend who has just run her first 10K. She’s keen to keep her running up and whilst she can’t do the one that I was thinking of she has found another 10K that we could do. I’m seriously thinking about it……

Trialling a beauty box subscription.

I used to be a beauty product – a – holic. I love trying new products although I’m always a bit wary of face cleansers as I’ve got fairly sensitive skin. That said I haven’t ventured into the beauty box subscription world as of yet but  I think I’m going to give it a whirl, now to choose from Birchbox, Glossybox, Tillibox…..

I’m also thinking that the travel sizes would be handy to take on holiday!


A kids holiday edit and beauty box review will be coming soon!


Happy June! x


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