Family things to do in Edinburgh: My review of our ‘Brunch with Elsa’.

Family things to do in Edinburgh: My review of our ‘Brunch with Elsa’.

Family things to do in Edinburgh: My review of our brunch with Elsa’.

So if I’m completely honest I haven’t done as much with our second child as I did with our first.

By doing as much I mean classes, activities that kind of thing. Sure she comes with me pretty much everywhere (when I’m not working). But, I haven’t been able to take her to all of the things I took our first to. Now a days she seems to have to tag along and wait for her brother whilst he is at his classes.

So, when I was invited by one4thekids and one4events to attend Brunch with Elsa I was really excited.

It was something different to the usual classes that I haven’t taken her along to (!), it was on a Sunday and it was at a lovely venue in The Granary in Leith.

Her brother was invited as well, but in the end me and the little lady got ourselves ready whilst he stayed home with Daddy and we headed off for our brunch date with Elsa.

I was,  if I’m honest, a little dubious as to whether she would enjoy it.

She’s only 20 months, Peppa Pig is one of her idols and whilst she’s sort of seen Frozen she’s not yet of an age where she is Elsa mad. Well, from the moment Elsa appeared she was transfixed!

The brunch date

Our brunch date started with being offered a variety of brunch options for both adults and kids.

There were kids activity packs on the table and plenty to keep the little ones entertained whilst eating and we waited for Elsa. We weren’t waiting too long and when she appeared she was absolutely fab.

As one of the other mummies put it she was a very ‘authentic’ Elsa! She stopped and spent time with each and every child (most of whom were in Elsa costumes), chatted to them and basically made them feel special.

When Elsa got to my table my little lady went on in for a hug and then watched Elsa’s every move. She was 100% transfixed. I’m not sure whether it was the long flowing hair, the princess costume or her American accent but she was not taking her eyes off Elsa!

We all then sat whilst Elsa read a story. The little ones then danced and played musical statutes whilst the mummies and daddies sat and finished off their brunch or had more tea/coffee . It was very civilised and lots of fun even for my 20 month old.

There was competitions, face painting and prizes finished off by a photo call with Elsa if anyone wanted any more photos. Most of the children (boys and girls) did of course and Elsa happily obliged.

This was our first ‘character’ event and we both really enjoyed it. There weren’t too many people there so everyone got to chat with Elsa, the food was great, the atmosphere was relaxed, it was a really lovely way to spend a morning.

One of the things that made it extra special for the children was the wonderful gift boxes packed with toys from My Pocket Money toy gifts.




The gifts were age appropriate, the little lady got some lovely wooden toys and a small cuddly toy.

They even kindly made up one for my 6 year old which was of course over the moon about. He’s been practising his footie skills with his bean bag ball all week.


If you fancy doing something a little bit different during the weekend then check out one4thekids and one4events.

They have lots of events running that are sure to amuse the kids and let the adults relax!

I’m eagerly awaiting for my 20 month old’s birthday…..I know exactly which character she’d like to invite and who to contact.

Move over Peppa there’s a new idol in town!

Thankyou one4events for our brunch with Elsa, who’d have thought having brunch with a Disney character could be so relaxing!





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