The Holiday Edit

The Holiday Edit

The Holiday Edit.

I was going to write a holiday edit before we went on holiday.

I even went so far as to take pictures of all of the ‘stuff’ we were taking.

But then I thought it may be better to write this post with hindsight as to what we actually used, found useful or basically just sat in the suitcase.

Our summer holiday this year was to the fab Holiday Village in Tenerife.

We went for one week, all inclusive and having been to other similar resorts we knew what to expect. As always we thought we’d packed light until as always the hubby was sitting on the cases to make sure they closed properly!

I’d say 1/3rd of what we took stayed in the case so here’s my run down of the things my most used things/products/stuff.

Sticker Books

Used on the plane, on the sun lounger, at, before and after dinner drinks.

Basically the sticker books was whipped out of my bag at any sign of boredom by the toddler. She hasn’t quite understood that the stickers are for sticking in the book and not on people but it kept her happily amused. I got a few sticker and activity books from The Works most were £1 to £1.50 each.


Flash drive to plug into your phone/i-pad

Yes we are those parents of children who you see at dinner happily eating their dinner. Ooh look at those kids you think, how come they are sitting still, nicely you think, that is until you get closer and see the i-phone propped up against the salt and pepper holders.

Yes, we are one of those parents.

Now we know we aren’t alone in our digital nanny parenting at mealtimes techniques, as many of the parents at the resort we were staying at also had the same idea.

Even though the resort did have wifi,my hubby took this external flash drive that plugged into your phone meaning that the multiple episodes of Peppa Pig he’d saved onto the drive could be watched without the inevitable wifi delays.

It was at times a godsend especially when the toddler had had enough of the pool and was on the sun lounger having finished sticker book time ready to chill for 15 mins before we went for lunch!

We got an i-diskk reader: I’ve linked similar ones here: phone flash drive


Rather large pool/beach bag

Gone are the days of me taking a chic beach bag down to the pool filled with a book or 2/kindle, sunnies, water bottle, ipod and sun cream.

My beach bag now resembles the size of one of those large blue Ikea bags and is crammed with dolls, avengers characters, nappy pouch, wipes etc etc.

I know the days of chic small beach bag will come back and I am very much looking forward to those days but for now a jumbo sized bag that I got from the Disney store did the trick.

It fitted all of the towels, sun cream, kids bits and bobs in. The bag I got this bag in the sale and it has now sold out but I’ve linked a similar type of bag here. 

Now it’s not stylish I know but we hooked it over the buggy handles so I wasn’t carrying it and it allowed me to take my Zara tote down to the pool with me (which was also filled with toys and various bits of crap) but at least I wasn’t compromised too much in the style stakes (not that anyone else would be paying much attention anyway!).

Suntan Lotion

An obvious one but a necessity. Due to the glorious weather we’d been having in Edinburgh I’d already bought a bottle of Garnier Ambre solaire sensitive for kids factor 50. My youngest has quite sensitive skin so I hate putting anything on her skin and if I have to, I’m really careful about what I put on. Given we’d tried this at home and she was fine with it, this was liberally used on them both. The trigger spray was handy especially given the 6 year moaned and wriggled every single day as it meant we could just spray it onto him and rub in. It also lasted the full week with liberal multiple applications.

I always take 2 bottles of sun cream with us – we didn’t end up using the second bottle for the kids but did end up using both of the bottles that we took for ourselves. This was basically down to the fact that I bought the Garnier Ambre solaire spray which was a complete waste. It lasted us 2 days and most of it ended up being sprayed into the wind. I wouldn’t buy it again as given the price the Tesco own brand was far better value and smelt nicer!


Travel attire: the comfiest pair of trousers

Since leaving the corporate world behind I’ve been looking for an alternative to jeans and gym wear. I’d seen these trousers from Hush a wee while back but had discounted them. Not sure why as they are the perfect travelling trouse that can be dressed up or down. I love the cuffed ankles and the fold over waist band, they fall really nicely and they don’t crease. I’ve worn them quite a few times since buying them pre-holiday so they are definitely worth the investment in my book.


A good facial oil

I had previously dabbled in the world of facial oils but hadn’t really found one that suited my skin.

I came across Amaranthine Beauty made in Edinburgh (supporting a local business = big tick) and was available in a mini travel size (another big tick as not taking up lots of room in my toiletries bag) so thought I’d give it a whirl. I started using it before we went on hols just in case it didn’t suit my skin but it did! It was a fab product to use on holiday as it really felt that your skin was being nourished. My skin didn’t feel dry in the morning (I used the facial oil only at night on Sarah – Amaranthine creators advice). I’m not beautician/facial therapist but I’d totally recommend using a facial oil especially when on holiday and can highly recommend Amaranthine if you are looking for a natural product.


Nars Lip Pencil

Holidays abroad = bright nails and a bright lip. I am usually swayed by the MAC counter at Edinburgh airport which is strategically positioned just as you come through to airside. These 2 lip pencils from Nars are my absolute faves. They are the perfect shade of red and pink, are really easy to apply, don’t feel dry on your lips, have a good intense colour and stay on for a while if you apply, blot then re-apply. I’ve linked both below:

Red lip pencil

Pink lip pencil


As always I took far too many clothes for the oldest and not enough for the youngest. Well she had enough clothes but they were too big for her! Note to self…always make sure that the toddler tries on any new purchases before going on holiday so that she does not end up in a situation where she toddles out of the new shorts that we bought for holiday…).

All in all we used a far amount of what we took and compared to previous years.

I’ve drastically cut down on the number of shoes/sandals/flip flops that I’ve taken. But, if I had to choose our most used items then the these would be it. At least this time I’ve written them down to refer back to for next year!

Happy holidays x


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