The Wardrobe Edit: Guest blog by Diane from Styling by Diane.

The Wardrobe Edit: Guest blog by Diane from Styling by Diane.

I’m so excited by this months guest blog! It’s by Diane a stylist who trained with the London College of Style.

I’ve been on a mission to edit my wardrobe for a good while now. It’s taken me a while as I didn’t really know what I was doing, I just knew what I wanted to achieve.

However, Diane has simplified things for you and me and shared her top tips to help edit your wardrobe.

Read on…….!


The wardrobe edit.

Do you ever open your wardrobe and even though it’s bursting with clothes you still look at it and think you’ve nothing to wear?  I certainly have, so I know how stressful and upsetting this can feel. Maybe it’s time to take control of your wardrobe?


I’ve been editing my own wardrobe for a year or so now and since attending London College of Style in June I’ve become more conscious of what is in my wardrobe and more savvy when adding new items.


A wardrobe edit can save you money and time, as you wear more of what you already own and you spend less time feeling frustrated.  It also gives you more confidence in your day-to-day choices as you will have mix and match options and last but not least it allows you to create the basis of a ‘capsule wardrobe’.  


So how do you go about a wardrobe edit I hear you ask??  


Let me break it down for you as I know how daunting it may seem!


  • Think about your current lifestyle.  What do you need your clothes to do for you?  It may well be that your lifestyle has changed but your still wearing clothes or trying to adapt clothes from your previous lifestyle.


  • Look through your wardrobe to determine what no longer fits, flatters, feels good mentally or physically, or makes you feel fabulous.  I find it helpful to divide my wardrobe into sections – items you love, items your like but are unsure how to wear and items that don’t fit, you don’t like or are looking a bit tired.   Whilst looking through your wardrobe ask yourself the following questions:


    • Do you have multiple versions of the same item?
    • Do you like it?
    • Does it fit?
    • Is it flattering?
    • Is it appropriate for your current lifestyle?
    • Does it reflect who you are?
    • Do you wear it?


  • Create a throw out pile.  This is for the items that have seen better days, maybe stained or can’t be repaired.


  • Create a charity pile.  This is for clothes that are in good condition, that just maybe aren’t right for you anymore.  


  • Create an eBay or similar selling point pile.  This is for any new items, designer pieces – you never know this could generate pennies for your next shopping spree!


  • When it comes to putting the items you are keeping back in your wardrobe, put the items you wear the most in the centre.  These are the high-use items, which you want to immediately see and grab when in a rush.


  • If you are short of wardrobe space, put the opposite season clothes in another wardrobe, or pack away in air tight bags and pop up the loft.


  • Organise your wardrobe so similar garments are beside each other then try colour coding each section.  For example, group all your T-shirts, shirts and tops together then hang in colours. Not only does this make it easier to find items it let’s you see how many items you have of each colour – good for those who collect black tops!


Your wardrobe will now have room to breath, which creates room to think.  Don’t rush out and purchase new items straight away, give yourself a couple of weeks wearing the items you have kept, this will help you understand what items are missing from your wardrobe and decide what items will work with your wardrobe so it’s a joy to dress each morning instead of a chore.  

Even after reading my top tips you may still fear tackling your wardrobe and that’s fine, I can help!  

Part of my services is wardrobe edits, I can be a fresh pair of eyes and can open new outfit options for you.  If you would like more information about my services please get in contact and quote yogamummy for a 15% discount.


If you’re not based in Edinburgh but would still like to hear about Di’s fab outfit inspo she’s got a Facebook group and would love to invite you to join: Styling by Diane 


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