About me

Welcome to my blog: A Lifestyle blog about finding balance in mama and family life.

A bit about me…..

I’m a wife and a mummy to a whirlwind 6 year old boy and a very strong willed 16 month old girl.

I used to be a corporate girl, working for a large professional services firm in HR graduate recruitment but after working really hard in a job I enjoyed, I came to a point where I needed to slow down but couldn’t.

After having our little girl I realised that the time had come for me to step back from the corporate life I had once loved and try and lead a more relaxed life for the benefit of my own health and well-being as well as my family.

So, I trained as a baby and toddler yoga instructor and decided to set up a blog about something that is close to my heart.

My blog is a lifestyle blog all about finding balance in mama and family life.

It covers wellness, food, fashion, beauty and relaxation as well as tips from my baby and toddler yoga training that you can pass onto your little ones or even use yourself.

I hope that you find the posts on here interesting and useful to you and your family so that you too can find your balance if you need to.

Happy reading,
Konica x